Synbiotics - probiotics with prebiotics

Synbiotics are supplements that contains both prebiotic and probiotic working together to improve the “good bacteria” of the human or animal intestine. A synbiotic product is a “functional food”.
Fermented milks like yogurt and kefir are true synbiotic foods, since they have the live good bacteria and the food for them to survive. However many people can't take milk, - but there are lots of alternative synbiotic capsules, powders and tablets, and these have billions of viable cells and culture forming units (CFUs) compared to millions in yogurts. The best synbiotic combinations currently available include bifidobacteria and fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS), Lactobacillus GG and inulins, and bifidobacteria and lactobacilli with FOS or inulins.

The main reason for using synbiotics, rather than just probiotics, is that non-protected probiotics, without their prebiotic food, do not survive well in the digestive system. Without the prebiotic food source for the probiotics, they will have a greater intolerance for oxygen, low stomach pH, and temperature. In addition, to get the full benefit of probiotic bacteria, right down to the colon where they can crowd out and replace harmful microbes, they need their specific food source. A synbiotic product (probiotic + prebiotic) is a more sensible choice.

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